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Emotional attachment to your art?

This was the question posed by Emily Rose.

That is a strange question for me because most of my art is digital.  It doesn’t exist as an object, so the idea that I would be protecting it from harm or holding onto it for dear life doesn’t make sense.  However, I find myself treating my art (whether it is a poem, a composition, or even a blog post) like a summer fling.  I become obsessed with it for a short time – reading it or listening to it over and over again and making small edits.  Then I leave it alone – pretty tired of it, really – and move on to someone/something else.  By the time I’m done with it, it is wasted on me.  However, with the really good ones, I’ll go back and visit and have a cup of coffee with it months or years later.  I’ll remember why I liked it in the first place, or wonder what on gods green earth I was thinking.


Writing as a character

So, I made a character for a role-playing game the other day and decided to make a poet.  So, I wrote a poem as that character.

I know quite a few artists of various kinds have done this (not necessarily in the context of a role-playing game, but you know what I mean).

It is very freeing.  No stress at all.  No worry about how it will be perceived. 

I recommend it.

Physical creativity and my mood

So, we’re getting over winter.  I live pretty North for a reasonable human being – not anything extreme – but winters are actually winters here.  I’ve been having pretty intense moodiness that I have decided is partially due to stress and partially due to long nights and cold weather.

These are times that I want to do something expressive, something physical, something interesting – but I’m just too busy to do it.  Also, some of the ideas I have are just not practical.

I mean – I have time right after the kids go to bed, but I also can’t be too loud, and half the time I have stuff to write-up or grade.

I am looking forward to acting in a movie this summer, however – a psychological thriller – that is being written and produced by old friends of mine.

So, I have an essay in a book coming out in September and an acting gig in late May.  I suppose I should release an album at some point! – but some of my ideas right now can only be performed.  I need to find the art community here – the one that doesn’t have $125 dinners.  It’s weird to me that I know more people in this town literally governing and bank-rolling the mainstream traditional “music community” than I do who do what I do.  The closest to that would be some dup-step DJ’s in a town an hour drive from here!  The local composer is literally on vacation this year.

My oh my.

My name

So, the name is now M. A. Melby.  It works.  I did a search for it and it didn’t bring up anyone – which is important I suppose.  I was a bit obsessive about it, but it will do fine.

I am still using “sinmantyx” for many other projects.  I have a YouTube channel that I haven’t really done anything with.  I’ll have to think about what I might do.

In the mean time, the final draft of the short story is off to the presses.  It will be coming out in September 2012.

Sausage and Law

It occurs to me that there are many things you don’t want to see made – sausage and law and other things like babies.  I wonder if sharing a creative process is a good idea.

If you caught “Work of Art“, it was certainly interesting and followed the same sort of format as Project Runway, which I also find strangely compelling.  I wonder if that format would even work with music.  Music takes time, and the process is not visual.  I don’t think it would make good TV.

Sometimes it’s better we don’t know.  I remember watching Moby on television, during some sort of special about him (I wish I could find it), essentially composing one of his song in a matter of about 30 seconds or so.  We all knew this (at least we suspected), but watching it was surreal.  I suppose if you work smart, you don’t have to work hard?

Perhaps we need to just shed the concept of virtuosity from composing anyway – the vision of a tortured artist working until two in the morning and agonizing over every detail – the genius who hears orchestras in hir head, waking up in the middle of the night and scribbling furiously to stave off the inevitable loss of hir muse.

I suppose that sells more music than 30 seconds with a synth and a sequencer.

Children art

I have a few ideas that have been swimming around my head for a while.  Since I have two small children, finding time and energy to realize these is a challenge.  My children, however, have certainly created a whole new slew of perspectives, ideas, and questions.  The largest question in my mind right now is what is appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to seeing your children as inspiration, using materials from their lives, or incorporating their art into yours.