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Eclectic noise artist “sinmantyx” (b. 1975) grew up in rural Minnesota as a half-crazed Lutheran zealot, studied music and physics as an undergraduate, discovered noise artists such as Noiseman433 and SICKNESS during her graduate work in applied physics in Illinois. She spent several years in Flint, Michigan before moving to Rochester, MN.

Her sounds vary greatly from harsh noise pieces such as “Crappyresistor” and “Simple Text”, to novel poetry and story treatments such as “Faith”, ‘Notyou” and (the infamous) “Walmart”, to rhythmic noise settings such as “Kitty” and “Techno”. Some of her pieces are also authentically experimental, such as “Stabilityx” which was one part of large installation work performed at Northern Illinois University.

She rarely plays live and exists, as a composer, primarily as an online entity.

She has been briefly involved with several collaborations including Will Soderberg, MOZ and Bipolar Joe. “Not you” was also chosen to anchor the “Mothers Against Noise” compilation.

Discography includes: “Back in the Day” (Minnesota), “In Partial Fulfillment…” (Illinois) and “New Folder” (Michigan). “Back in the Day” includes work created within the music department of Minnesota State University – Moorhead. “In Partial Fulfillment…” includes work created while pursuing a Master of Music at Northern Illinois University. “New Folder” includes works created while living in Michigan.

Sinmantyx has recently (in August of 2008) returned a key to the music department of Northern Illinois University, and in doing so, has officially been granted a Master of Music degree.


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