Monthly Archives: February 2012

Emotional attachment to your art?

This was the question posed by Emily Rose.

That is a strange question for me because most of my art is digital.  It doesn’t exist as an object, so the idea that I would be protecting it from harm or holding onto it for dear life doesn’t make sense.  However, I find myself treating my art (whether it is a poem, a composition, or even a blog post) like a summer fling.  I become obsessed with it for a short time – reading it or listening to it over and over again and making small edits.  Then I leave it alone – pretty tired of it, really – and move on to someone/something else.  By the time I’m done with it, it is wasted on me.  However, with the really good ones, I’ll go back and visit and have a cup of coffee with it months or years later.  I’ll remember why I liked it in the first place, or wonder what on gods green earth I was thinking.