Monthly Archives: January 2012

Writing as a character

So, I made a character for a role-playing game the other day and decided to make a poet.  So, I wrote a poem as that character.

I know quite a few artists of various kinds have done this (not necessarily in the context of a role-playing game, but you know what I mean).

It is very freeing.  No stress at all.  No worry about how it will be perceived. 

I recommend it.


Physical creativity and my mood

So, we’re getting over winter.  I live pretty North for a reasonable human being – not anything extreme – but winters are actually winters here.  I’ve been having pretty intense moodiness that I have decided is partially due to stress and partially due to long nights and cold weather.

These are times that I want to do something expressive, something physical, something interesting – but I’m just too busy to do it.  Also, some of the ideas I have are just not practical.

I mean – I have time right after the kids go to bed, but I also can’t be too loud, and half the time I have stuff to write-up or grade.

I am looking forward to acting in a movie this summer, however – a psychological thriller – that is being written and produced by old friends of mine.

So, I have an essay in a book coming out in September and an acting gig in late May.  I suppose I should release an album at some point! – but some of my ideas right now can only be performed.  I need to find the art community here – the one that doesn’t have $125 dinners.  It’s weird to me that I know more people in this town literally governing and bank-rolling the mainstream traditional “music community” than I do who do what I do.  The closest to that would be some dup-step DJ’s in a town an hour drive from here!  The local composer is literally on vacation this year.

My oh my.